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Fourteen years ago, Vision began with a dream. Pastors Don and Kay made a decision to push back the boundaries of the ordinary and set in motion a weekly service that would be extraordinarily different. Meeting only on Thursday night instead of the typical Sunday morning, they began to build an opportunity for others to have a ministry platform. They encouraged people who had only ministered at their local church, to stretch themselves as an open door was afforded them at Vision.

Dozens of bands have led in worship, countless youth have experienced a freedom to minister outside their comfort zone. Hundreds of words of encouragement have gone out to people from around the world who have crossed the threshold of Vision. Many who were questioning their call were afforded new zeal and determination to continue on for the cause of Christ.

Today that same anointing continues in a place called Vision. New direction and change have come and now we gather every FRIDAY night at 7:07p.

As people from various regions gather to worship, pray, learn, laugh and connect there is a wonderful spirit of unity. An important part of the experience is a genuine sense of belonging. As we encourage one another in the pursuit of God, we experience fulfillment as barriers fall and freedom flows.

Vision..a place to gather in the city for Friday night inspiration!

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Pastors Don and Kay Couch
Meeting in church one Sunday night in June, we found ourselves falling in love. A few years later our love led us to marry. We were young and optimistic as we set out to build a life and a ministry.

Life and ministry have not always been what we dreamed. But all these years later, we still believe in the beauty of our dreams because God is faithful.
Anything is possible if you have faith. Mark 9:23
We love to teach, preach, mentor, prophesy and encourage so that others might enlarge their ministries and pursue their dreams.

Together we are following Christ, touching the world and building the church.

Chasing big dreams,
Don and Kay Couch

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